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Can a Staff member get it right?

Was going through optus app on my phone when i seen entertainment packs and the streaming pack was there for free.
Screenshot_20181001-143724_My Optus.jpg


After activating this i got a text saying was $10 a month, so i contacted the optus team to let them know if there was a charge i dont want it to be told nope was advertised as free you get it free basicly.

Now long story short someone cut it off after 15 odd days and after i got hold of your team again got told was only a month trail....
Didn't even get a month so after chatting to billing which wasn't able to help me directly i was told to visit a optus store.
So i did. The lady hardly listen to what i was saying and rang billing and told them to add it....
Iam now being charged again for something i was informed i'd get free.
See chat log 

Would like it if some one could fix this once and for all.

Also was told about a different issue with my phone a loan couldn't be sent as i live rural and to visit reguarding a repair issue , after reading your site seems i could have a loan phone with a satchel to send my phone in for repairs.
Really not happy at all and await a responce.

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Can a Staff member get it right?

@Spacemanballz Could be that it's a simple admin error?

When we apply feature add-on's that normally incur a charge, that's a discount component that manually requires selection.

Therefore, on your next invoice - you see both a charge and a corresponding credit.

This is my guess, we'd really need to go and a closer look. Can I get you to send us a private message. We'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number.


I'll respond back as soon as I can.

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