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New Contributor

CRITICAL enquiry - will lose job/house for unfair default

I have been trying to resolve this for weeks over chat and phone and still nothing has been done. Your chat team keeps referring me to call wrong numbers and the numbers are all sending me back to chat. The only number I could get through to was a Business number and had to select all wrong options to get to an operator, who promised me a letter and it’s been weeks and still received nothing.

I am trying to resolve a Default, where on the 11th (I’ve screen recorded everything and have proof) your team said there was a misalignment with my billing from 2014 and I was wrongly defaulted. So they assured me my bill was $0 and would be updated on my credit file as $0 in a few days. (Still to this day they are taking money out of my account of $100 a fortnight for a bill I was told was $0)!

Then I called them and they assured me that they would supply me with a letter to help me remove the default from my credit file as it was unfairly put there on behalf of OPTUS.

I am at risk of losing my job now because I did a credit check and your company has put a default on my name that wasn’t my fault and OPTUS agreed it was a mistake on their behalf.

I have been trying every day for weeks to resolve this and no one is helping me! I’ve been transferred to at least 40 people, probably more, and have to keep repeating the same story, same details, same proof of previous chats!

I need to know when my credit file will be updated to $0 (as written over chats on the 11th July) and when a letter on Optus’ behalf is actually going to be sent out to me (as spoken to me over the phone on the 13th).

If I lose my job and house in the next two days Because of this default which was not my fault!! Then I will be taking immediate legal action! I’ve been so nice about it all and getting no where!

The fact none of your numbers currently work is ridiculous and I’ve been instructed to now keep all contact with you via writing.

So is anyone going to actually help me and contact me? If you were about to lose your job and house over something from 2014 that wasn’t even your fault, I’m sure you would want help!!
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Respected Contributor

Re: CRITICAL enquiry - will lose job/house for unfair default

I recommend you call the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman first thing Monday. While their resolution time frame is 15 days at the moment, they might still be able to do something as a matter of urgency.