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why are optus so useless?

I would like to know why optus is so useless. I have been trying to solve a simple matter of an overdue bill of about $200 and I have been on the phone for an hour. In that time I've been transferred to 6 different people. 6! I've spoken to the financial services team twice and answered all their rather invasive questions twice, I've spoken to the senior financial team twice and had to answer half of the same questions again. Some lady instead of fixing my bill problem started trying to sell more data to me and transferred me back to customer care, so I had to go back to financial services for the second time.

It's fixed now but it took forever and all those questions made me feel like an idiot for not being able to pay the stupid bill.

Now I'm trying to give feedback on the app and the stupid thing isn't loading-USELESS.

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Trusted Contributor

Re: why are optus so useless?

The "invasive" questioning is a requirement under financial services law to assist you with any hardship or assess your ongoing capacity to continue paying the credit account you have established with them. It's about protecting you and them, but I can see why you'd feel frustrated by this process.


If you feel a complaint is necessary, visit and fill out the complaint form. This gets routed to the Customer Relations Group (CRG) who are more senior than the 'contact centre' staff who will investigate your concerns and come back to you generally within 5-7 days.

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