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voicemail charges


Why am I now being charged $1.28 to retrive my voicemail messages on a $30 long expiry plan. This has only happened in the last week. It is eating all my credit, I have $200 in optus money and I thought voicemail came out of that. But even the plan states 20c to retrive voicemail. Has something changed or are optus ripping me off. 

Re: voicemail charges


Hey @jul-s, this certainly does sound confusing. We would need to see your account to get a better understanding of the charge. Please jump into Live Chat for immediate assistance, or feel free to shoot me a private message your phone number, full name and DOB. You can leave it with me and I'll check it out asap.

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Re: voicemail charges


still no reply from Optus, this is typical of there customer no service !!!!

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