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Occasional Contributor ABY
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travel packs


My husband is travelling in the US and needed a travel pack for 2 days.

I purchased 2 day pack yesterday for Tuesday the 27th and Wednesday the 28th.  With the time zone difference, it was still Monday the 26th in the US so I understood that the travel pack would kick in for him on the 27th - US time.

It is now the 27th in the US (28th here in Australia) and he has NOT received the activation text that Optus talks about telling you that you can start using data. 

How does he know if the travel pack has commenced if no text has arrived?  Is there another way to check?

We do not want to unknowingly pay roaming costs.

Thanks for your help.


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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: travel packs

Hey Annabel, I would advise jumping into Live Chat so an agent can check the service in our systems for you. If your husband has WiFi access, he should also be able to speak with Live Chat online or via the My Optus App.

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