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text message reply

every time I send a text message I get this reply : Free MSG. You have reached your spend limit for Premum SMS this month. To increase your spend visit etc etc or call your account exec. 

Well my account is in order . I went to the Optus shop in Stocklands shopping Centre at Burleigh Heads and they rang Optus and said talk to them . Useless it was, so after about 10 minutes and no answer I left. They should have fixed the problem for me instead of sitting on their bums doing nothing for me as a customer. There were 2 employees and 2 customers including me. Why cant they give better service. My bill is always paid well before due date.


Please fix this Optus 


Mike 04xxxxxxxx

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Re: text message reply

Premium SMS are SMS that have costs associated to them set by the 3rd party you're engaging with. Things like voting in TV surveys, entering competitions via SMS etc. Optus don't include any of these charges in their plans so they are always on top of your standard monthly costs and can get quite costly.


Does this happen with EVERY SMS or just ones to things like that? You can increase your spend limit but most people on here are looking to do the opposite as some companies use this method to scam people. If you go onto Live Chat and request them to increase your limit, I'm sure they will -

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own
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