slow internet speeds on mobile


Does anyone else suffer from chronically slow internet speeds on their mobile?

Im talking 2mbps in a full 4g covered area... with upload speeds a tenth of that.

(speed is constantly slow at all times of the day in various locations where 4 bars of 4g are displayed. Not device related as its simalar speeds observed on multiple devices when SIM is swapped)

Re: slow internet speeds on mobile


Depends a bit on where you are/what time of day/what exactly you're doing.  It sounds like a traffic issue (the same thing that happens to the NBN every evening aroud 7pm which causes it to choke up). If there's a lot of people using the network in one area at the same time, it's like a highway with a lot of cars in that the volume of traffic causes the overall speed to drop. Other causes might be that you've got a lot of apps open on the phone which are downloading in the background, or you might be a fair distance from the nearest tower. Being in some buildings can also slow it down (because of the structure)


If you think it's none of the above, flick the phone into flight mode for a minute or so and then back out again.  Refreshes the connection to the network and makes sure you've connected to the closest tower. Hope that helps.

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