simcard stopped working


This one has me baffled and I can't find anything to explain it. Razer phone2 had it for months and has been working great, still is. It updated to pie a few weeks ago and still no problems, then 2 days ago it gave me error message selected network unavailable. I took the sim out and tried it on my old samsung galaxy 7 edge and it works perfectly. Can anyone help me with a solution please.

Re: simcard stopped working


Okay if you put your SIM in another device and it works, then your SIM Card isn't faulty, your phone is faulty.


Have you tried putting someone elses' SIM into your device? ie: Telstra or Vodafone SIM simply to test?


How did you get this phone? RazerPhone2? I notice its from the US. I checked its specs and it should work okay on Optus unless you hit an area where Optus has a frequency that is unsupported by the Razor. Which from digging is only one, so the chances are rare.


I would try a friends SIM in your phone, if it works then it's possibly your Optus SIM might be faulty, just get it replaced free by any Optus store. If it doesn't work, then your phone is faulty, follow the support for your device back through Razor.

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Re: simcard stopped working


As per your advice I tried a vodafone sim and I still have the same problem. I got the phone through optus so there definately isn't an issue with compatability. I guess I'll need to go into a store and see what they can do. 

Thank you for the advice.

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