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Have the same issue. Virgin had a problem disconnecting my service from their side after an abnormal port to optus. As soon as I contacted Virgin to ask for my final bill, BAM my optus sim is no longer provisioned. I know this happened because Virgin took back the number to cancel it on their end. Was told it was a sim issue (I already knew it wasn't) and told to go to an optus shop to get a replacement sim. Now it's sitting in waiting for sim to be activated for the past 22 or so hours. It won't go through because I know the issue is a port issue.


Optus won't listen to me. Say it's an outstanding work order, can't do anything until it goes through, and it won't because it's a port issue. Blah. Over it. Don't want to wait 16 days when even a pleb like me knows what the problem is.


To add insult to injury, I was told that I would receive an sms to tell me when the service was up and running. Haha! Had to laugh. 

Re: sim not provisioned


Can we take a look at this one for you @Marna


Send us a private message with your account details. We're after your full name, DOB and the number you're bringing across from Virgin.




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Re: sim not provisioned


Here's an extensive guide on fixing this error, you can check it out here -

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