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New Contributor Harried
New Contributor

recharge threat

I have just received two messages telling me that my prepaid mobile service will expire in two days time unless I recharge now. Yet when I check my service expiry date on the 555 number it says May 29th!!!!! Does the 24/1 date apply only to "my minutes"? If so then Optus need to alter their message to make this clear. Surely this is not some underhand ploy to coerce customers to recharge long before their expiry date

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: recharge threat

This SMS is usually just to warn customers that there recharge is about to expire. I like this reminder because I like to top up before the expire date so that any unused credits or data roll over. The may 29th expiry date means that if there is no recharge after the expiry date, you have till May 29th to top up before your service is cancelled
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