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received email re 90% of quota used

I received email from Optus indicating that I have used 90% of quota and need to clear some space .

does this relate to my web mail account or my mobile ?

how do I clear out both of these ? 

Andrew Mc Geachan 



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Re: received email re 90% of quota used

Hey there, @andymac

The email you received is most likely to do with your Optusnet Webmail account. Your mailbox has 500MB of storage space so if it's getting close to being full, you'll receive notifications from us letting you know about this. You'll need to start deleting some emails or else once it's full, you won't be able to receive emails anymore

We have a Support Page that explains this in further detail. 

To free up space in your inbox, start deleting unwanted emails in your inbox, trash and spam folder. If you need help or instructions on how to delete your emails, you can refer to our Webmail Help Guide

Let us know how you go!

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