"missed call service" text shows number and not names

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It's been the same story since I bought my Samsung S8 (nearly a year ago).

Done all of the upgrades and few factory reset along the way!

But still whenever I receive a text from Optus regarding a missed call, it shows the number (starting with "61" rather than "+61") and not the address book entry!

To find out who is behind the number I have to tap on the number to start the call, see the name of the person (which is in my address book), take mentally note, then interrupt the call before it goes through!


It doesn't matter which texting app I use (Samsung one, or Textra!)

Sooooo annoying!

I google it but I didn't seem to find someone with the same problem Smiley Sad


Many thanks for support Smiley Happy

Re: "missed call service" text shows number and not names


I'm experiencing the same thing. I've noticed that you haven't had a reply to your post, so I'm not hopeful about a solution coming quickly, but if anyone reads this and could share a fix, that would be greatly appreciated.


I'm using an iPhone 5s.


Kind regards, 

Re: "missed call service" text shows number and not names


I have the same issue, missed call text provides the number and not the name from my contacts. If I select the number in the text and call it will display the name contacts. This is so frutrating. I have a Samsung s6 and have recently ported over from Telstra. I might be going back at this rate. Anyone got a solution?

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