"Apple Live Streaming" suddenly smashing my data


I'm pretty careful with my data usage but all of a sudden in the last 48 hours, I've lost nearly 1GB of data. According to the "Insights" feature of the Optus app, "Apple Live Streaming" is sucking down all of this data.


I own an Android app, I don't own ANY Apple services or accounts and haven't even downloaded any new apps during that time. I'm also on WiFi most of the day.


Anyone have any insight as to what might be causing this?? Every time my WiFi is turned off, another hundred or so MB disappears. Freaking me out.

Re: "Apple Live Streaming" suddenly smashing my data


Hi amanos,


Were you watching any videos online recently? You can also check the apps that used the data in Settings - Data Usage so you can check which app consumed data the most.

Re: "Apple Live Streaming" suddenly smashing my data


Hi @Beyms


Thanks for the suggestions.


I'd already checked consuming apps in my phone's Data Usage setting. It reports "Android OS" as the culprit, which is pretty meaningless. I upgraded to Marshmallow 2 weeks ago, but this strange data usage only started 2 days ago. I haven't been able to find any threads about Android v6 causing this, so I'm still baffled.


The other thing worth noting is that I have WiFi at work, home and the gym. I haven't streamed ANY videos outside of my WiFi connections (not intentionally or in the foreground anyway) during the last 2 days when the strange usage occurred.


The most useful piece of info Optus could provide me with are the URLs my phone's been pulling the data from. However they're claiming that's not possible.


It's bloody annoying but I'm going to have to download an app to monitor network usage that can give me granularity down to the level of URL. However, my phone isn't rooted, so I don't even know if that's possible.


Absolute pain in the butt.


Re: "Apple Live Streaming" suddenly smashing my data


It would be super useful but unfortunately some people would scream out that their privacy was being invaded if Optus stored this sort of data.


When you look at the data usage in the settings section, you can actually change the date range. Can you change it to the last 2-3 days and see if that changes the main apps hitting your usage?

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Re: "Apple Live Streaming" suddenly smashing my data


Hi @SamSam


Under data retention laws, they probably do have to store the URLs. But definitely privacy issues involved...


Yep, it allows you to change the date range but only in monthly chunks. Could be related to some other setting somewhere else that I can't modify the granularity to individual days. Immaterial anyway - as mentioned, it's "Android OS" racking up the data usage.

Re: "Apple Live Streaming" suddenly smashing my data


Sorry yes, you're right about retaining the data but accessing it is another kettle of fish. That's my understanding anyway.


I just did a google and found this thread -


A lot of users in here seem to suggest that "Android OS" isn't just OS related but would include google services like Google+, photo back up tools, etc. Seems how you just upgraded to Marshmallow, I'm thinking something new was introduced or a setting was changed. I just looked on my phone, and I can click on Android OS from the usage section. In here it shows me a breakdown of foreground vs background usage. All of mine is background which relates to backup and sync type actions.


Could you take a look and confirm if yours is all background? If so I'd be looking at the settings for google apps like photos, notes, music, etc

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own

Re: "Apple Live Streaming" suddenly smashing my data


Hi @SamSam, sorry I only just realised you replied nearly a week ago. Thanks for helping out with this!


100% background data! Good call. I agree it's likely to be some kind of new feature or setting from Marshmallow, but the weird thing is that Optus categorised it as "Apple Live Streaming" - so either Optus aren't categorising it correctly, or the OS is incorrectly attributing the usage to Android OS, and it's a 3rd party app of some kind (as I imagine Google wouldn't be accessing any Apple web services).


Interestingly though, since last Tuesday when I first discovered the issue, the data usage has stopped. I went through a bunch of apps and disabled background data on them.


If I ever discover the culprit I'll post back for future reference.


Thanks again.


Re: "Apple Live Streaming" suddenly smashing my data


Did you ever find out what it was? I just got smashed by it too with extra data charges upto $110! It chewed through almost 30GB of data in 1 day! And since then nothing! Any suggestions?

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