problem with text messaging


having trouble with text messages on my android motorola mobile phone. 

incoming messages arrive hours after the sender sends them to me and any texts I send fail to send or take a long time. sometimes a reboot of the phone takes care of the sending problems, but I shouldnt have to do this everytime

could it be related to the problems Optus was having yesterday? probaly not as just sent a test message and.......waiting, waiting,waiting, then fails to send

Re: problem with text messaging


Given restarting your phone solves the problem albeit it temporarily, I would pop your SIM in another device. If that fixes the problem then that says your phone is faulty.


if it does not resolve it, then we’ll need to know if it’s everywhere or just one specific location.

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Re: problem with text messaging


I'm wondering if it was affected by the Optus outage the other day as now seems to be working ok. will keep an eye on things

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