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Hi there,


I ordered an Optus sim and organised for my number to be ported over from Vodafone. I activated the sim online but am getting a bit concerned as it has been nearly 36 hours since activation and my new Optus sim is still not working.


I did chat with customer service online yesterday who said they'd process my activation again.

Any ideas how long this process could take as I'd like to use my new Optus service as soon as possible.


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Re: porting time?


Hi @tweedlife!


Normally, the porting process just takes within 15mins-4hrs.

There's actually an ongoing update with standard and same carrier port request with Optus. Your number will be transferred once the network update has been done.

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Re: porting time?



Problem solved.

Called the porting help phone number and the staff member fixed my issue in less than a minute! Smiley Happy

Re: porting time?


What was the number you called? I have been trying all week to transfer over to Optus.

Re: porting time?


Great news @tweedlife. If you need any further assistance, please let us know Smiley Happy 

@Brhino still having troubles with the port over? If so, please talk to our Sale Support crew on 1300 300 562, they're open from Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 7.00pm EST

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