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poor service

how does optus agree to cancel contract due to abysmal service i send phone back as per their instructions then just got a bill for $1066 for the phone i semt back weeks ago in the pot pak they sent me ? pretty poor form from optus . they agreed service was not up to their standards due to poor coverage yet try and rip me off .iv sent several emails explaining this previous and no response yet they send a bill . was a customer for 20 yrs . now with telstra never again optus ! sort your accounting systems out . you have the phone back stop trying to male me pay for it !
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Honoured Contributor

Re: poor service

I think the back end processes do need some tightening up at Optus. The phone possibly hasn't been recorded as returned and assessed yet so the billing is automatic (as the account is cancelled.) It should get a credit on the next bill to offset this one. At this stage Optus are not issuing late fees so its safe to wait for the next bill and see what it says. If the phone still hasn't turned up you'll need to contact Optus (not via email as they don't respond).