optus did fault and make my have $210.5 debt


My previous sim plan provider is Amaysim which finished contract at 23 October. So I'm signed the sim plan only with Optus at 1st week of October, however the order keep processing at the result received the SIM card from Optus by 23th October. At that night active via internet seems not successful, called customers service centre at 24th October to fixed the problem, it's sweet just spend few mins to set up with customer services, than my mobile top left corner from "No service" changed to " Optus". Look anything good.

HOWEVER, received the text from Amaysim at 6th November regarding I have debt with Amaysim so they need to suspend my mobile, after that my mobile completely useless, can't make a phone call/ received call/ text/ no data, make me can't do anything/working!!!!! After checked with Optus, the customer service told me the number transfer haven't process completely. So even I'm using Optus SIM card, my mobile top left corner is showing "Optus" but I'm using amaysim service!!!! The only one suggestion is Optus can transfer my number from Amaysim immediately but I need to sort out the debt with Amaysim between 24th October to 7th October (coz they told me yesterday) by myself which is $210.5!!!!!!!! Amaysim advised I don't have monthly plan with them so they charge higher rate between 24th October to 7th October which Im supposed using Optus plan $40 / 15 GB!!!!!!

I'm keep make a phone call yesterday ( used my bf's mobile coz I can't use mine one at all) to talk with Optus but just keep transfer me to listening the waiting music. At the end billing department just provide this suggestion sort  out debt by myself even it's not my fault!!!!?????

than I said I'm not satisfied your service I wanna cancel this contract coz Optus can't help me anything!!!! After that I wanna do complain but the billing department ask me why I need to complain? Are u serious???? Ask my why I need to complain????

A) I can't do my job probably when my phones not working

B) Optus haven't follow up the number transfer let my mobile service suddenly suspend

C) haven't provide solved method just let me sort out by myself

D) waste my time to keep calling the customers service number but average wait for more than half hour

At this stage still waiting Amaysim review my case for my $210.5 debt!!!!!!

Can anyone advise if Amaysim want to charge $210.5 even not my fault, coz I requested Optus pay this money?

Sadly I still have home internet contract with Optus for 2 years which signed up with mobile sim plan together, the service just start using from 31 October, but I'm really disappointed Optus and don't want use anymore, can I request cancel service but free the cancellation fees??


Re: optus did fault and make my have $210.5 debt


An existing debt complicates matters. Its not really an Optus issue as you need to sort out what is going on with Amaysim. Do find out what is going on and why they want $210.




Peter Gillespie

Re: optus did fault and make my have $210.5 debt

That $210 is incurred between 24 Oct to 7th Nov. Supposed I'm using Optus serving which on Optus SIM card + Optus logo on mobile left top corner. However Optus said they haven't transfer my number accordingly so between this period Im still amaysim customers I need to pay the bill to amaysim. For amaysim aside, that period I'm no longer monthly plan with them so they charge higher rate for make a photo call and used data. But Optus haven't noticed me I'm still amaysim customer untill amaysim suspend my mobile. By time I'm using Optus SIM card and activation by Optus customer service sine 24th October!!!!

Re: optus did fault and make my have $210.5 debt


From the Optus site:


You can request to transfer to us online at any time, however a number will only 'physically' switch over during the times /days shown below. If you make a request outside of these hoursyour service will remain active with your existing provider until the next business day and then switch over. Switching normally occurs within about 20 minutes, but can take up to 4 hours.


From what you say it does sound like Optus have stuffed up. Unfortunately Amayasim are the ones charging the bill.


You are dealing with two Telcos and you should probably get the TIO ombudsman involved. They will try resolve what has happened and have the power to request the telcos sort it out between themselves etc.




Peter Gillespie

Re: optus did fault and make my have $210.5 debt


Hey @Minni3, to be honest with you the situation does have me a little confused . Did you originally request that the number not be transferred until the end date of your contract with Amaysim? On the night of the 23rd it sounds like the port did go through hence you called our customer care team and they set up the service? The fee from Amaysim sounds like a contract cancellation fee although it's obviously something that I can't confirm. Or maybe there was an outstanding bill overdue or you hadn't paid your final account with Amaysim, the service charges seem a bit much.


Generally a contract simply rolls over on a month-month basis on the same rate plan (for Optus anyway). I know Amaysim do use the Optus Network therefore I'd have thought the Optus logo would of have always been there. I can't explain how you're able to use an Optus SIM and stay be connected with Amaysim. Are you able to send through your details via PM? We need your full name, DOB and mobile number. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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