optus are dumb and overcharging me

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Re: optus are dumb and overcharging me


turns out theyre sending me the wrong phone, the entire time we were there the lady at optus didnt look like she knew what she was doing, kept messing stuff up and had to redo it. can yall please train your staff properly before you let them set someones plan up.

also its said on the app my bill cycle wasnt till april 21st, why is it now due in less than 2 weeks

Re: optus are dumb and overcharging me


Optus generally charge the first and last month of the plan on the first month. 

Also on some plans discounts can not be applied until the second bill.

As a general rule though you should not start paying until your phone has been recieved and activated.

When you recieve the phone you should be able to contact Optus and ask for the billing period to be reset. 


If you are having a hard time paying the bill contact Optus once you recieve it and request an extension. You'll be hit with a $15 late payment fee but hopefully give you time to organise the finances.


I'm not sure if you realise but it appears you have entrered a leasing plan? That means you don't get to keep the $1200 phone at the end of the contract but must hand it back at the end of the 24 month contract in good condition. The lease saves you ~$240 over the 24 months in plan payments. I'm very glad you got the insurance as you are responsible for repairing or replacing the phone for Optus if it lost or damaged. Note that Optus do seem sometimes to be ok with switching a leased plan to a normal plan on request so you can perhaps ask if you want to, no guarantees though. It will add another ~$10 or so to your monthly bill unfortunately.


Peter Gillespie

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