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New Contributor nalixor
New Contributor

my new optus sim won't activate or register on an optus network

Hi guys,


I'm at my wits end here. I activated my new optus sim online early this morning, and nothing happened. It said it would be ready in up to four ours. Okay, I waited. 1pm rolls around and still nothing. I call them, they activate things again, over the phone. Tell me I need to wait another four hours for TPG to release my number. Okay, I say. I can wait four hours again.


It's now almost 10pm, and my phone number still isn't ported over from TPG.


I don't know whether it's some setting on my phone that's causing this issue or not. When I go into select network operators, and see a list of network operators available to me. However, my phone seems to be registered on the vodafone AU network:


That's a bit odd, right? And when I try and register on any of the listed optus networks I get this: - on all three of the listed optus networks.


I even tried manually adding in an optus APN and having that selected.


I tried every optus support number I could get my hands on, and they are all closed.


Can anyone help with this?

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RetiredModerator Gen_R

Re: my new optus sim won't activate or register on an optus network

Hey nalixor - thanks for reaching out, can't imagine how stressful this would have been though 😞 When, and through which platform did you initially activate the service? We can help if you're still needing a hand. Please shoot through your mobile number, full name and DOB in a PM so we can take a look into this for you. Gen

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New Contributor alizefaith
New Contributor

Re: my new optus sim won't activate or register on an optus network


Yes I'm having the very same situation with my new sim, it's been 4 days in another 3 hrs that ive been waiting to have my SIM card processed 

I've contacted optus 3 times and 3 times they have given me different reasons why my new sim card hasn't been processed yet,

So it's been well over 48 hrs now, I was told because  there's been some sort of error it would be that long,

I am so angry over this,  Its a ridiculous situation 

In my plight  I have read many...many people are in this same dilemma with Optus,

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