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moving overseas


I currently own an Iphone 7 and am on a 24month plan which was recently renewed in April. 
I'm moving to England for a year and I'm not sure what my options are with my plan and what not. 

Please help Smiley Happy 


Re: moving overseas


Unfortunately Optus don't allow (non millitary) customers to suspend accounts while overseas.


You will need to contact Optus for a specific break down but:


1) There may be a set break fee. This might be say $400 but is then reduced over time (so you have around 18 months left on contract = 18/24 * $400 = $300 to pay. Note that many current contracts have a no break fee so this may not apply at all.


2) It sounds like you have paid off the handset now? That's good, as when you cancel you lose any Optus subsudy on the monthly handset payments and would be up for the full remaining cost. Would seem you don't have to worry about that.


So contact LIVECHAT and ask and you should get a definite answer.




Peter Gillespie


NB If you really want to keep your phone number you could arrange to transfer it into a long term pre-paid SIM - A one year prepaid SIM (keeps number 1.5 years) costs a one off $80 I believe)

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