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mobile plans

I am currently on a plan which finishes in june, how do I go about getting a new plan but also attaching my current phone onto the plan to share the data?

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Re: mobile plans



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Re: mobile plans

Just to clarify Conner, 


If you wanted to use own/two phones then you would need to get two Optus plans. You can't just select a single plan and have two phones use it together. As @Shae says, any new phone at the same billing address will automatically be able to share its data allocation.


Some people get a 'main' phone with the data they want and then put a second phone on the smallest/cheapest Optus plan. That way you can share the data but not pay as much. although its not a big saving:


3Gb + 15Gb plans = $70

15Gb + 15Gb plans = $80


So if you do want two phones then you don't have to wait until June. Just pick a plan and maybe a phone and get it and the data will be pooled. You should also check that Optus puts your old phone down to equivilent SIM only prices when your contract is up (e.g. $40 for a 15Gb plan)




Peter Gillespie