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New Contributor AndyJS
New Contributor

mobile app - need SMS to activate - have Ipad SIM

I am wanting to use the OPTUS app - I need an SMS to activate - I only  have Ipad SIM with OPTUS


where does the SMS go?



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Re: mobile app - need SMS to activate - have Ipad SIM

Hey AndyJS - are you able to let us know if you're still unable to use the app on your iPad? If this is still the case, can you send us a private message with your service number, full name and DOB? We'll follow this up for you.

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New Contributor AdamJ
New Contributor

Re: mobile app - need SMS to activate - have Ipad SIM

Apple iPad cannot receive or send SMS texts via their data sim - only through iPhone SMS message forwarding (where you iPad can send texts via your iPhone).


any software solution for the iPad that relies upon the user being able to receive a SMS to activate will fail


i am an enterprise iOS software developer (who, by the way, also cannot activate their iPad prepaid data sim account - either through the app or online, because Optus requires the device can recieve SMS)


as as a workaround, you might be able to put the sim into your iPhone long enough to activate it - or Optus could fix their service to accomodate iPads

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