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New Contributor
New Contributor

mate 10 pro


first, can i have a clear answer when mate 10 pro with be back to stock?

second, every day i am contactin online chat sales and always they are reply that they don't have an update when it will be back to stock, do you think this is a professional answer if sales agent don't know anything about there selling item who knows KFC or macdonalds?

thrird, is optus a professinal organization? this is the first time i saw an organization offering a product they don't have it and even they don't know when they will have it.


I'm astounded this was posted given the availability status of the phone. Basically they are advertising a phone that they can't

supply and advise when it can be supplied. (copied from your website)

This is one of your customer feed back, sur you will not reply coz unfortunetly you bocome one of the worst provider in australia.