<15 days left on contract - unable to get a consistent answer on fees


Ok, I have had a multitude of issues with optus these last couple of years (being told the wrong info, have had the call staff go "oh, sorry, I see X told you this but it's actually not right" waaay too many times). Currently on $60/my plan w/data share (3GB).


End of June. I go to Live Chat. My contract ends July 20 2017, and I'm out of here to another provider (after being with optus for 10-15 years). I was told (and have transcript) that to cancel my contract (again, end of June) there would be NO termination cost, only the remaining balance and the final handset payment. I had not received my new SIM as of yet at this point so I did not cancel that day.


Now, because of issues mentioned in the first paragraph, I contacted Live Chat once more the other day (now July) to confirm this. The woman told me that while I have paid the balance and the final handset payment, there would be this months bill AND a termination fee if I ported my number to another carrier before July 20. She then said she did not have the access to tell me what that cancellation cost would be.



So, me being untrusting of what Optus "Customer Support" tells me, I'm worried that if I get the number ported on July 20, I'm going to still get another month billed to me. If I port it on July 19, I'm going to get a termination fee. Either way I'm out of pocket.


So what do I do? Nothing is going to make me stay with these guys, no value for money and poor POOR customer support.


I just want a straight answer about what I will be charged! Even with proof of being told one thing that's now apparently not correct, they still do not make an effort to provide me with what I had been incorrectly told.


Re: <15 days left on contract - unable to get a consistent answer on fees


Hi @Tjadeanja, not good to hear we've let you down and certainly sorry to see you go. That being said, if you are in your final month of your contract, there should be no contact fees and possibly no handset repayments remaining.  It's best if I can check your specific account, so can you PM through your mobile#, full name and DOB here → and I'll get an answer for you. -Scott

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