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lied to about optus sport

Hi All, I signed up for a mobile plan that includes optus sport. Through the online chat I asked if I could get the optus sport on the fetch tv box that I had bought at Harvey Norman. Yes was the answer you login with your login details and watch the optus sport. I said the box is in a different name to mine (in my husbands name) is that still ok. Yes if you have permission from the account holder.Ok then I said lets proceed with the sign up. When finished I asked how do I get the optus sport on the fetch tv box. you will get a username and password and use this to login on fetch box.

This was all a false information.

I tried to connect the box but couldn't so went onto chat online they just gave me optus fetch tv number. Rang them and they said no you can't get optus sport on a fetch tv bought from Harvey Norman.

Tried to phone optus but after 20 minutes hanging on I gave up.

I printed out the Optus chat that I had had when signing up and sent it to customer support.

No reply from them.


OPtus, why did you mislead me to get me to sign up.

Are you going to help me to get optus sport on my Fetch TV box as you informed me that I could?


Has any one else had this problem, misinformation?

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Re: lied to about optus sport



The solution to getting Optus Sports on your tv screen is Chromecast. Cost you about $49 for the dongle but you can then cast from your mobile phone.


Doesn't help your grievance with Optus but at least you can watch the football on a big screen.



I’m a Yes Crowd Champion (not an Optus employee). I share my knowledge on Yes Crowd on a voluntary basis. If I answered your question, please mark it as a Accepted Solution. If I helped you out, hit that Kudos button Smiley Happy
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Re: lied to about optus sport

Hi Dave,  Yep I have a chromecast which I use to watch it on the big screen. 

I want it on the box so I can record matches. Some matches are not on demand so I have missed them.

Also my boy is a online gamer so sometimes the internet runs slow and picture quality is poor.


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Re: lied to about optus sport

From a moderator: "Optus Sport is only available via Yes TV by Fetch, there is no way to access Optus Sport from stand alone Fetch or Fetch with another service provider."


Oz law says you are entitled a refund (cancel contract) if misleading information gets you to by something that you otherwise wouldn't have bought. This seems to fit the bill pretty neatly. 


IMO you have 3 options:


1) Keep the phone plan (watch Optus Sport via chromecast with wifi)

2) Request the plan be cancelled outright. If refused request a review (and copy) of the audio recording of you conversation to sign up (will take Optus a little while to sort)

3) Request a $50 credit on your account so you can by a Chomecast - Cust Reps are authorised up to about that amount to give on their discretion.

4) If still refused then complain to the TIO or then (if still needed) to make a statuory claim.


Hopefully it will be sorted pretty quickly either way (however there is no way to use your Fetch box)




Peter Gillespie

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