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iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month - cannot change plans

I got an iphone 8 the day the phone came out.  A month later a better plan was released and I changed to this plan with no problems.  I have now tried to change to this new plan but have been told that in order for me to do this I have to pay out my existing contract.  Clearly I don't need a new phone as I already have one so the fact that they phone is sold out should not be an issue.


In the 20 years I've been with Optus I have often changed plans and as long as I was staying with Optus and just recontracting for another  2 years this has not been a problem (as evidenced by the fact that I've already changed plans once on this current phone).


I believe that I'm being penalised for getting the phone when it first came as as if I had have waited I would have been able to get a much better deal and I believe this is very unfair.


Has anyone else had this problem?


I often recommend people use Optus instead of Telstra because of the ability to change plans during contract but it looks like this is not the case anymore.

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Re: iphone 8 on $59 plan with 20GB a month - cannot change plans

Hi @Rellii  - thanks for reaching out. As the $59 is a special promo plans only available for new connections only you wouldn't be able to change your plan to this new offer. Will pass your feedback on. 

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