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Hi, would anyone know the insurance company Otus use for mobiles.

I left my phone in a hotel in Bangkok, and they tell me they cant pay out insurance because I know where the phone is, they told me to have the phone posted to me but its not that simple because you cant post the battery.

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Re: insurance

Interesting technicality. Its not 'lost' (You can get it anytime so long as you are happy to spend a week and $3000 flying back to get it).


Read through here for the claims contacts etc.


Hopefully you'll get someone sensible (but these companies business case is not really built on being sensible). Presumably the battery is not readily removable? So go with that but regardless its still technically not lost (just not postable)


If you hit a brick wall, then I'd suggest you ask the hotel to post it back to you (as requested by the insurance company). If the hotel says you can't post a battery then just request they don't sign the "Dangerous Contents" bit of the post. All quite legal. Put it in the post box. One of two things will happen:


1) It will be sent to you and arrive shortly.

2) It will disappear never to be seen again.


After a month resubmit your claim as the phone is now officially lost.


(And next time if you lose your phone overseas, tell them you lost your phone overseas and leave it at thatSmiley Surprised)




Peter Gillespie 





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