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New Contributor ShaineSpa
New Contributor

incorrect bill never sorted after upgrading

I upgraded my Iphone 7 to Iphone 8 on 7/09/2018. I gave my old phone to Kaleb B. at Optus Stockland Burleigh Heads. First bill Optus was charging me mistaken for the device. I went to the store, spoke to Kaleb, he said it was

fixed and I should pay only my plan - 59$ and not consider the rest that was a mistake but was fixed. 

Several emails received saying I haven’t payed my bill (which I did). 

Second bill is a little over 400$ and it should be 59$. 

I went back to the store and spoke to Jason. He said it was fixed, just a problem in the system but it’s fixed now. 

I keep receiving non stop calls while I’m at work threatening me that my phone will be canceled for lack of payment but it’s a robot I can’t even talk to anyone when those annoying calls happens. 

Online chat doesn’t help - tried 2x but all they say it needs to be direct with the store.

I even tried a different branch (Pacific fair broadbeach )  to see it I would be lucky finding someone more interested in sorting my problem but they insisted that needs to be in the store I bought the phone. 

I got back to the Burleigh Heads Store 5 times counting today and all they say it’s they will take my details and sort it and also called 3 times which they say will call me back and they don’t. 

I am extremely frustrated and considering to look for my rights in the law if a solution is not given ASAP. 

I’ve been missing work to be able to go to the store during business hours and being constantly annoyed trough robot calls that doesn’t help or listen to what I have to say. 

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Moderator Ev_

Re: incorrect bill never sorted after upgrading

I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you've had getting assistance with this @ShaineSpa. If you can send through a private message with your account details, we'll take a look into this from our end. 


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