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iPhone X restart issue and support doing nothing


I got my iphone x with optus 100GB plan and in the very first week I had this sudden shutdown and then going in infinite restart loop issue. I contacted support, they asked me force reset, factory restore etc I did all those and none of them help.


Finally, I gave my phone to optus for repair. Apparantly they did nothing and gave the same piece back to me after a month of wait (yes i was without phone for a month). I somehow used same phone for few months and but now I am litterally unable to use the phone because that issue is so frequent.


This time optus again asked me to give it for repair but I don't want to wait for another a month for my phone get back to me. So is there any consumer rule which help me to get replacement phone (not the repaired one) cause apparantly this phone has some hw issue.


Re: iPhone X restart issue and support doing nothing

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This would be classified as a "major defect" under standard consumer protections. In this case it is your choice weather you get a repair, replacement or refund, not Optus'. 


Generally though most people go give the seller a chance at repair first. You've done that. In your case I would just request a replacement. Note these protections are built into all Australian purchaces and can not be side stepped or overruled by any contractual item. They are completely seperate from any warranty optus offer (which can only add to protections, not reduce them)


Read here


I would just request a replacement be sent out at the store. You might also like to make a formal complaint to Optus in writing as they should process it within a week and provide you with a contact. No doubt they will want to try repair but I would say you have done that and you want a refund or replacement. Note that Optus are also liable for any foreseable associated costs so you should have got the month without the phone Optus charge recredited (ask for that too if not).


Complaints: PO Box 306 Salisbury South 5106 SA


Complaint Policy (Note do the letter as its something Optus legally take more notice of)


But after all that if you instead just want to do the repair and try get a loan phone then Optus apparently have discretion over if they offer you one. IME the process is very variable. There's some suggestion Optus have an issue with loaning Apple phones but not Android. In store depends on availability and whether the sales guy likes you it seems. I would definitely suggest get the loan phone sent out by satchel if you can 


Read Optus Loan Phone process here


As a third Option perhaps get a refurbished iPhone 6 or 7 (low memory) off eBay. Use that for the month and then put it up for sale once you get yours back. You'll probably lose $50 or so in the deal but its better to have the phone for the mean time?


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

Re: iPhone X restart issue and support doing nothing


Thanks Peter for efforts in writing such a long and to the point reply. I really appreciate it.

Re: iPhone X restart issue and support doing nothing


Thanks for the thanks Smiley Happy


NB I forgot to mention that Apple are also covered under the same rules (They must make a product of merchantable quality) so you are also quite entitled to return it to an Apple Store and request a repair or replacement. They'll possibly try fob you back to Optus but they're not allowed to say no. Apple had some run ins with the ACCC a while back for not providing custoemrs with their statutory rights so hopefully they'll handle it better now.


That said the satchel / replacement phone sounds like the smoothest possible option if Optus agree.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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