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huge data usage towards

Hi all, 

i’ve just found out that this month, on October 17th, I got over 1Gb of data usage towards That sounds strange to me, being an iPhone user. I have a Microsoft exchange mail account actually and I think that this might be the cause even though I believe it impossible to have downloaded such heavy an amount of data through the few emails I’ve received that day in the rare moments I wasn’t under a wifi coverage. So I checked the previous month and Surprisingly I’ve found again a similar occurance, with over a GB towards Being my iPhone always updated with the latest iOS release and having no reason to visit the Microsoft website directly, what could be the cause of this data drawing episodes in your opinion? Have you ever experienced something similar? Thanks all for your thoughts.

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Re: huge data usage towards

Check your apps for OneDrive it's a backup utility that might be causing the issue.




Edit: It could be Exchange as there are a few complaints.

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Re: huge data usage towards

Hey @Andbia - that certainly sounds strange. If you could please send us a PM with your full name, DOB and account or service number, we'd be happy to take a look into the data usage for you and help to investigate whether the Microsoft usage data might be coming from. 

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