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how to lodge a complaint?


How do I lodge a complaint with Optus?


I ordered a new mobile broadband service since 19th December on one of the new online promotional offers.

10 business days later, 10 hours spent (wasted) with Optus, 10 interactions with Optus across IVRs, Live Chats and Store. and still no closer to giving me what I requested. I have been forced to keep a diary.


I want to lodge an offical complaint with Optus. Hopefully won't have to escalate it to the TIO.





Re: how to lodge a complaint?


Re: how to lodge a complaint?

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Given long IVR wait times I'm unwilling to call.


Optus Web Live Chat (long my preferred contact method) hasn't been working for me (across different browsers and machines) for some days now.


Is there an email address that I can email my complaint to?


Or a moderator who can lodge it for me?

Re: how to lodge a complaint?

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From what I understand the live chat is overwhelmed with support requests and a recent update to the live chat program has made it inoperable for many. I have read of many Mac users having problems but I believe it extends beyond that. Unfortunately they don't have an email address for complaints and short of an Optus staff member seeing this post your only option may be the telephone or snail mail.

Re: how to lodge a complaint?


Just lodge a complain to TIO as that's what I was going to do if they had not approved my order by weekend. I had got all my details filled up at TIO's website with all the chat transcripts and proofs as I had given a lot of warnings to incompetent Optus team that if my order is not processed I will be officially lodging the complaint. I think unless complaints are lodged, Optus will never care and understand a normal customer's agony and pain of being in a dilema after placing and order and waiting forever for some sort of communication or update of the order.

Re: how to lodge a complaint?


Overwhelming response to COMPLAINTS .... it does sound  like NO No Optus !!!!


FYI ... the Live chat has NOT been working  since 01 JAN 2018 .... it proves beyond AnY doubts the reliability and good ops from Optus !!!!

Re: how to lodge a complaint?


Yes , I agree ☝️ with you , Optus has NO Modus Operandi , an incompetent Cpy staffed by Idiots !!!!

Re: how to lodge a complaint?


this does not help

Re: how to lodge a complaint?


We tried to bring our son across from another carrier to optus as three other accounts are all on Optus. Optus cancelled his number so he's had no mobile for 6 days and can't turn it on for him. We spend 2 hours every day with people who all give different excuses, many have deliberately hung up on us or are rude. They can't seem to work it out no matter how many people we talk to and all say it takes 24 hours to turn on and the process has just started. Every day it's not on.



He's going to school and travelling on public transport with out and phone and the staff don't seem to care. The ombudsman seems to be our only option but I doubt they will do anything anyway. 

Re: how to lodge a complaint?


@Josh71 - Thanks for getting in touch with us. Terribly sorry to hear about the ongoing issue your son has had with his port request. Can I get you to confirm if you've been provided with an IT reference number we can follow up on? 


Happy to get this looked into for you - if you're the account holder please send us a PM with your full name DOB and number. If the account is under his name, please also provide the third party access PIN so we can verify the account. 

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