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how to check my prepaid balance


How do i check my optus prepaid mobile broadband device? 


Re: how to check my prepaid balance

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If your modem has a built in sms feature in the administration area you can text the word "balance" as the subject to the number 9999 and you should get all the details. The administration area can normally be found at and the username and password both should be admin.






Re: how to check my prepaid balance


Hi @M4rksy - To check your Prepaid mobile broadband balance you can install My Optus App from play store/App store. Using the App you can recharge as well. 

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Re: how to check my prepaid balance


Hi, thanks for the info. 

So my issue is i only have a Optus prepaid pocket wifi device and nothing else is with Optus so i can't SMS, call or even download the Optus app. I've been seraching everywhere on the Optus websites on how to check your balance but can't find anything helpful. 

What is the web address you go to that allows you to send SMS (or does that need an Optus service to do that also?) On Vodafone you are automactically directed to My Vodafone AC as soon as you are connected to a device and you can see what usgae and recharge straight away. I am finding Optus difficult to find my usage very frustrating.  


Re: how to check my prepaid balance


Is the SIM card inside the modem with Optus? You'll need to log onto My Account to check your data usage. If you can send through your account details to us privately here or on Live Chat, we'll be able to assist you with the My Account registration.

Re: how to check my prepaid balance on my 4g wifi modem

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