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how can i get customer resolver team to email me not telephone

ill be simple aas i can.

basically below will explain why  customer resolver team needs to email me not phone. also i am house sitting and know one in this area that could answer or phone for me.


Hi , I tried calling before but couldn't get a hold of you. I'm from the Optus Resolver Team and had a referral to contact you. You can call me back on ********  Monday - Friday between 7:30 am -3:30 pm (ACDT).



Military officer. Major bullet wound trauma cannot talk.

voice box, half tongue missing.

wont go into the deep details it is SALES and ACCOUNT related.

have spent 27 hours total online with livechat, english being second language causes big problems.


each time i ask for someone to email me.

i get a phone call from the OPTUS RESOLVER TEAM ********, chap named TIM.


i cannot answer the damn phone if i cannot talk. i have made numerous attempts

totalling the above 27 hr to get this sorted. most have been sorted alot havent.


brief summary

*ordered iphone 8 plus with apple watch online with the Cust chat Operator

received normal iphone 8 ( no watch). kept iphone 8 and reordered the same.

received 8Plus no watch...told wait.


**re enquired re was not ordered?? numerous hours someone found order 2 months later.

told to wiat as it has hold up at warehouse.

(three weeks on top of two months still not here. enquire as to where ask operator

to phone warehouse for me. Warehouse doesnt answer. get frustrated ask to be followed up and please email me. yes sir no emails.


***have not received a paper bill since i set up thee account have asked twice for it to be sent out. will not pay bill till i see what i have in front of me. NO BILL YET STILL


**** reason for no paying bill falls back to when i set up my plans they put me ont thre plans i had not asked for, so i had to get them sorted and put upon correct the end gave up and waiting till bill arives then will sort what plan wanted with what.....


bottom line i have fallen over sideways and forwards with all the issues that i have had.

looking to possibly just pay out contrqcts and go back to telstra, value not as great but during the day i can use live chat and i can speak to someone whose first language is english or they are adept at understanding what im after.


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Re: how can i get customer resolver team to email me not telephone



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Occasional Contributor

Re: how can i get customer resolver team to email me not telephone

Hi Shae and thank you so much your a rockstar.


Someone mentioned getting a audio recorder etc.

i am making certain recordings with the phone fr 60% of things I need with colleagues and my wife ( haha elegant) and I am going to receive an actual device soon shortly from defence.


since I have had this injury this is the first time I have been away (currently house sitting for a friend) from family in an area on my own and wouldn’t you know it!!


Its when I need someone.


so I really appreciate your advice and help

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