how can I send sms from computer


how can I send sms from computer

Re: how can I send sms from computer


Hey Mark Smiley Happy Click →, either Register or Login and in Quick Links, click Send SMS via the Web. Let me know if you need a hand with anything else.

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Re: how can I send sms from computer


I have followed the instructions, typed in the verification code, created a password and all I get is a "System failure" message.

Tried it with my wife's phone: different phone,  different PC - same result (or lack thereof).  What's happening?

Re: how can I send sms from computer



Apologies about the late reply there. Can I get you to confirm if you're still having trouble getting through? If you're still needing some assistance can you please chat to us here →

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Re: how can I send sms from computer


Registered... but all I get when I try to log in is

Caught exception in NScreens::MSC::Controller::Root->index "Can't call method "username" on an undefined value at /home/NScreens-MSC/script/../lib/NScreens/MSC/Controller/ line 59."

Re: how can I send sms from computer


You can send SMS from computer using various websites such as way2sms, afreesms, etc These all sites let the user send SMS using the computer but for that, you need to have the internet connection. If your computer is working slow or lagging then it may be due to malware in your system. If you want to get rid of this problem then you can contact at antimalware service executable and they will make your system work properly without lagging.

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