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Hi. optus
  Here's your temporary order number: OP1512886334293.

Twelve months, $ 30. I applied for a service of 15giga. And I arrived on the 14th day. But, you guys have credit problems with me. I did not understand. You guys are not going to say it, but I think I'm a poet.
I think this is really sad.

I thought of other solutions rather than solving your complex situation.

So I will politely ask for a refund.

And about this incomprehensible situation. I can not understand.
So I hope the refund request is completed.

After that, I'm going to telstra.

It was such a good meeting for a while.
As soon as possible, I'd like $ 30 in my account.

No way, I do not want to make a strange noise that a refund confirms my credit.

Well then.

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Frequent Contributor

Re: hi.

Holy Moly!


I agree, Optus please give them their $30 back so they can buy a new keyboard. The one they used in the post above is clearly broken, it keeps adding random words and nonsense in the middle of sentences.


@kakakaka It is a keyboard you are complaing about isn't it?

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Re: hi.

Hey @kakakaka - thanks for getting in touch! Are you able to please clarify what's happened? Is it that you've applied for a service but your application has not been approved? If that's the case, we wouldn't be able to give you a $30 credit as we haven't billed you for a service. If you would like us to follow anything up for you, please send us a private message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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