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gemasaine scam


Hi My Husband has been scammed through his account with this Gemasaine billing ...

He has paid over $300 without knowing it through his account. This is extremenly distressing as he is extremely cautious and has never pressed anything to allow for subscription, sometimes being billed 3-4 times in a day. 


My husband watches every penny he spends as he does not have full time work due to a life long illness. 


Optus you have some extpalining to do. 

I want answers.

We want our money back. 


You had better tell us what to do.


I personally have been an optus custmer since 1999. My contract has expired. If i dont get answers asap ... im changing companies!

Deal with it please!!!!!!




Re: gemasaine scam


You'll need to get in touch with Optus either by phone or live chat. They'll then lodge a dispute with Gemasaine on your behalf. Gemasaine then have 2 days to get in touch with you to resolve the dispute which more times then not means a refund for yourself.


While you're speaking to Optus request they set your default premium SMS spend limit to $0 as well. That'll stop this from happening in the future.


A link to live chat is -

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Re: gemasaine scam


Thanks so much for the help. it is much appreciated. 

Ill get right on it!


Re: gemasaine scam




And if the direct approach to Optus does not work, then contact the Ombudsman on-line and complain. This will definitely get your money back. In fact, the  TIO (Telecom. Industry Ombudsman) has now become so cheesed off by too many complaints, that Optus will, like Telstra, have to reimburse every customer who has been scammed - seen on TV.

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