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Occasional Contributor GregD
Occasional Contributor

eSIM support with new devices.

I currently have a Samsung Gear S. It has a nano SIM so it can make and receive calls. I want to update to a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier SM-R765 with LTE. Problem is that it has an eSIM fitted the same as the Gear S2 had and some newer phones overseas. Can the SIM number be used by changing it in the SIM settings webpage like a normal SIM change?

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RetiredModerator Hollie

Re: eSIM support with new devices.

Hey @GregD - at this stage unfortunately we don't support eSIM devices so it's not something that you'd be able to do via our SIM swap page.

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New Contributor Simachine
New Contributor

Re: eSIM support with new devices.

Has this changed as yet with the introduction of the Iwatch?

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