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double charged?


I've used Optus since I arrived Austrailia 2months ago.

I decided to keep use Optus satisfying with Optus and set up auto recharge.

One day, I got a message "recharge bonus is now waiting for you!" 2days ago.

To get the discount, I precharged it, and I thought my auto recharge service is delayed.

But I got a message "my AutoRecharge payment was succesful." today. (my auto reharge service isn't delayed and I pay for it.)

I had just used only 2days and my bill has been newed.

I checked my bank account, I could see my bill was charged twice, $25.50(discounted) and $30.00(auto)

I just went to optus store and a staff help me to call optus service center.

As I'm not good at English, I didn't figure out how it is going on my bill.

I think the staff who helps me told me I don't have to pay for phone bill next month.

That means I'm going to use a bill($25.50) which I had used only 2days after finish $30(auto) one?

I'm comfused and want to know what will happen to my phone bill.



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Re: double charged?

Hi @minjerry - Our Customer Care teams can certainly take a closer look into this for you. Please feel free to message us on Live Chat or on Facebook or Twitter privately for further assistance

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