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New Contributor Sailor123
New Contributor


I am so disaspointed in your network, in your customer service also. I went overseas and tried to pay my account online i was told i had to call now which i explained i couldnt,  i am back i have to pay the full amount to have my services back on. The superpvisor will not speak to me. I will NOT be referring your network to anyone.

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: disconnection

Hi Sailor123, that's not what we want to hear and apologise for the bad customer service experience. I can understand your frustration. We need to look into your account to assist you further, please speak to one of our team member via Live Chat here. Check out this article if you need a payment extension to avoid restrictions in future.

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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New Contributor Storky
New Contributor

Re: disconnection

I'm a new Customer, Sept 1st 2017 and I think your system & Technical Support right through to Billing is flawed.


Hi Storky here. over two days ago I was disconnected from making calls and I didn't know what was going on until my sons rang me on my mobile (Vodafone) to say his Mobile was disconnected from making calls.

I told him we haven't been able to make calls either and that I had reported it to Optus Technical Support and they were chasing it up. I had try calling the 13 13 44 and  1300 300 427 (techical support) but was advised I couldn't call, see my ISP.

If my son hadn't of called me about his mobile (on my bill) couldn't make o\g calls.

Yesterday morning after my sons phone call (Vodaphone call) I 'cotton on' to what had happened, OPtus HAD VCUT MY SERVICE OFF without advising me due to NON PAYment of Account.

I told them my account was registered to pay at the end of each month.....checking this I can't get access to my Credit Card details that I put into your database and I noticed a lot of CREDIT CARD aren't 'sticking', people have to put the info in again.

I'm unable to access that point to re-activate it.

Talking about your database "If you dont put in the correct AMOUNT Owing" it wont accept the value.

I owed $85:00 but I put in $100 and it was rejected. I since found out, after 30 mins, that the seperator between dollars and cents must be a 'full stop' (.). You make this mandatory,  why? as well as the owing amount?


I'm going to my BANK to arrange a debit account to pay whats in my Account each month.

I think I deserve a discount as you blocked me from accessing TECHNICAL SUPPORT, BILLING, EVERYONE Else in OPTUS plus the Public Network without advising me! even the fault I raised with Tech Support, they got back to me once (1) but said they would call again in an hour but never did.

Your Customer Services is NON EXISTANT.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: disconnection

Ah, definitely not the sort of welcome to Optus we have in mind @Storky. When you'd signed up for the NBN service had you set up your direct debit at point of sale or had registered via your It's odd that you didn't receive a notification from us to advise that your account was due to payment or that the account was at risk of being suspended.


We'll always give adequate warning before our financial services team places a barring on the service for non-payment. Which data base are you referencing? You attempted to make a manual payment via our online secure payment portal → You can nominate to pay any amount via the above URL. 

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