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Has anyone else had direct debits come out of their bank account by Optus that they have not authorised?

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You authorise a lot when you sign a Telco contract. Optus will generally bill you for what they think you owe. If you believe an error has been made contact them and they'll recredit the amount


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unauthorised direct debits


Has anyone had any monies taken from their bank account by 

Optus that they have not authorised? i have NEVER set up a direct debit for Optus but money has been taken from my account on several occasions. When Ihave tried to follow it up, they claim its something that I have to sort with my bank. My bank say I need to sort it with Optus. I regard it as theft.


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If you've never set it up before and therefore I assume you've never provided the details of your bank account/credit card, that's absolutely theft. Optus should absolutely sort it out however your bank should treat it as unauthorised funds being taken as well and investigate. Very poor from both sides!

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Re: unauthorised direct debits


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Optus can't set up a Direct Debit on your account with you providing your bank account details. Optus doesn't have access to that information.

Does your monthly bill on the first page indicate Direct Debit is going to take place? If so and you don't want it, arrange to have it cancelled. If you're not satisfied with the response you receive by the agent you are able to request to speak with a manager.

If your bill doesn't show this then Direct Debit is not active and you may have scheduled BPAY payments in place which is something only your bank can resolve. Another reason could be autorecharge is set up on a family member's Prepaid mobile service.

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Re: unauthorised direct debits


Sounds like you have set up some sort of auto payment option at some point. The first thing would be work out what the exact mechanism is (ask your bank how the transfer happened - BPay? Direct Debit? Credit Card? etc.) Then  you can investigate further with Optus.


FWIW while banks will try to suggest you need to talk to Optus about recinding a direct debit arrangement (if you do have one) you can also request the bank block the direct debit from their end. Optus will still try bill you that way if you don't tell them but it will simply be declined.


Peter Gillespie

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