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data usage


i was wondering if anyone can help ive spoken with optus but they cant tell me anything except the charges are from internet browsing and the sites are ristricted because the web pages are adult content .my partners optus dashbord it says that internet browsing charges were made and 91 percent of usage is internet browsing .and 9 percent cloudflair   .he is says he wasnt using his phone and has no idea how the chargers were made .it only happens when he is at work 

the 5.41 charge was made a few minutes after he left for work .


5.41am 244.235 mb

12.47pm 5kb

1.41pm 106.11 kb

1.46 10kb 


if he didnt browse the net .how can the charges be there .if he did what would make usage so high 


.i have also noticed 2 etop up was charged today and he recharged yesterday .and etop ups the day after he recharges 






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