Re: data usage optus sport app


Hi @Mochael, both Live streaming and VOD content are data free if you're streaming from the app on the registered mobile. You'll still see the data it uses listed in the Data Breakdown section of the My Optus App as this shows all data whether metered or not. It won't be deducted from your monthly data pool however. 


Re: data usage optus sport app


What is the data usage for the optus sport app recorded as in the my optus app? When doing the live chat with your co worker the data for the time I was using the sport app was recorded as secure website data. Maybe there was a problem when I signed up. I also have broadband internet with optus at home. Is it possible that my optus sport subscription was done through that and not my mobile?

Re: data usage optus sport app


Optus Sport content is unmetered for all customers so it doesn't matter which service the subscription is linked to, you still shouldn't be charged for the data.


The usage will show up as "Silverlight" in your data insights, but please note that Silverlight usage is not limited to EPL as other services can use the same application.


If you'd like me to double check your usage, feel free to shoot though a private message with your phone number, full name and DOB.

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Re: data usage optus sport app




I've setup my old phone as a remote controller for my chrome cast enabled TV. The old phone connects to my current phone via wifi hotspot on my new phone, which is on a plan with the mobile tv included. I watched 4 epl games on the weekend that I streamed from the optus app on my old phone, which was using the mobile data via the wifi link to my new phone. I've been doing this for Netflix and Spotify and that data isn't counting towards my total but the EPL game streaming has slammed my data. Can you please advise why this is happening?



Re: data usage optus sport app


Hey there - generally speaking, the EPL stream shouldn't use any data at all. If you're hotspotting your phone and then watching Netflix /  streaming Spotify on the device connected via hotspot, that's what's used your data. Data free streaming is only available from the app on the device that has the bolt on attached. Gen

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