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hello, so my family and i are choosing to switch to optus from various networks, me and my sister from boost and my mum from vodofone. we have decided it would be easier if all our bills were in one place. i am looking to sign up to a XR 50 gb buy plan and am confused about data pooling. we need 3 phones that have been bought outright and then the XR all on one plan. i was wondering how to go about this? all phones need unlimited calls and texts and a few gigs of data. i was thinking that the dtata could be shared between all four phones but how does each phone get unlt calls and texts? do you sign up for plans for all of them? and which plan do you choose for this? thanks

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Polling only applies to data. Data polling is automatic and all you need is the one person to buy all plans and phones under one account. Phone calls are unique to each phone but Optus generally allow unlimited SMS and national calls on all plans.


Note one approach might be to get one big data plan (80gb for $42 a month) and the rest small 2gb plans with data sharing in the back ground.


Also your might like this $59 deal


No XR but an iPhone X and 30gb for only $1400 over 24 months.


Peter Gillespie

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