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Hi all 

im over adsl 2 and run at average 4mbps. im looking at the optus mobile data 500g plan for $80 a month on 4g. does anyone know if the speeds for this run the same as mobile data plans so average 20-30 mbps ? or will this be no better than adsl 2



Re: data plan 500 wireless


If you have an Optus mobile, run a speed test on that at home (or wherever you'll use this) and it'll be a good indication. Make sure you run a few across different times of the day and night to get the best idea.


There's no speed restrictions on these plans other than what the network can provide in your area. Personally, I get 120-150Mbps consistently at home over 4G, sometimes sub 100Mbps during peak. I dare say you'd get a nice boost compared to your current DSL service. 

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