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content services

have recently been advised that there is extras called content services applied to my bills that i knew nothing about

since june 17 (as far back as i can check)

the total of $723.85 (wtf) 

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Re: content services



WTF indeed. Optus has recently been fined the maximum possible penalty ($10 million) for its role in the Premium SMS scam. It is also refunding amounts to many customers. Unfortunately its not a blanket process and staff still provide various degrees of compliance. 


I would suggest you first contact LiveChat and refute the amounts (all of them) and request a recredit. I'd be interested if that is granted or not - regardless it will almost certainly take a bit of time to process (get authorised?). You might be offered a partial refund. 


The mods here are pretty good at sorting Premium SMS charges so if one answers you can PM them your details and see what they can do. @Dan_C is one such mod. 


But if you can't get a satisfactory resolution then I would write (pen an paper) to the official complaints area (which Optus take more seriously than un official complaints). you should get an answer in two weeks as well as a complaint number etc. Failing that working you need to forward the complaint to the TIO or ACCC.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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Respected Contributor

Re: content services

Totally agree with everything Peter said above but just as a side note, Optus do use the term "content services" on your bill for various things. On my bill I see a charge for content services every month but if I then jump to another page, I get to see the detail which is that it's the Optus Sport subscription I have. Then in another section I see a credit to offset the charge because it's free with my plan. 


Point being, there are legit charges under this title to so just double check what it is first. 

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own
Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: content services

Cheers for the heads up @petergdownload


Happy to go in and check @josephm.

Send us a private message. We'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number.



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