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New Contributor longterm43
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So, I had some Sphere MIA subscription amounts charged to my account for about 9 months that I didnt notice until April. Called and without question the fees were refunded straight away. Was told I have a credit of about $350 mark. Confirmed will still get bills but due to the credit wont have to pay. Problem is, this is not happening. So far have called 3 times, had text messages sent to me, all contacts confirming the previous person has noted the problem, there is a credit but I keep getting bills asking for payment, this month I though I wont pay, maybe the credit will be picked up in the backround, no, now I have a reminder. I'm getting rather sick and tired of calling every month for the credit to be applied, having to explain the entire thing over. Why can't they get this right and just apply the damn credit, I get a bill with the credit showing and start paying again once the credit is depleted? Considering going to the Ombubsman as this is getting ridiculous. Can I email a complaint to get looked at right away? Should I just pay it while waiting for them to fix it?

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RetiredModerator Shauna

Re: complaints

Hey @longterm43 - thanks for raising this with us. I can take a look into this for you. Can you please PM me with your mobile number, full name and DOB? Definitely shouldn't take you multiple contacts to resolve something quite straight forward, terribly sorry. 

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