checking on plan expiry date




just confirming when does my plan expire? 





Re: checking on plan expiry date

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Best not to publish your phone number on a public forum and you can find that info in the Optus my account portal or by speaking to support on the live chat link below.



Re: checking on plan expiry date


That a dummy pic @Yeldarb? Otherwise your number is on display toooo

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Re: checking on plan expiry date

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I Photoshop every picture I post and I take it as a complement that you can't pick the difference. Smiley Wink

Re: checking on plan expiry date


If the website ever works. It barely does on mobile. Always says ‘we’re experiencing technical difficulties’ when trying to view Plan Info. 


Same with the Billing Snapshot, rarely shows on mobile 😂

Re: checking on plan expiry date


Hi @ lucia26 - Really sorry for the inconvenience caused. To check your mobile expiry, this can be done from My account. Alternatively you can contact Live Chat as well from My Optus App and we can get these details for you. 

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Re: checking on plan expiry date


Hi lucia26,

Here's a tip - you can set expiry dates for your mobile in this website and app -

Reminders ensure you have time to negotiate a new contract and not overpay. Plus set for energy, car rego, passport + lots more.

Cheers. Tim 

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