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cancelling order


Was on contract for 2 years on a phone plan & that finished. Optus did not contact me regarding new plans or phone offers (missed opportunity) so i did some research. The plan i was on since contract was for $89 for 9GB & unlimited phone calls. Saw Optus had an offer for $40 discounted to $30 for 15GB. BUT only for new customers. Well, being off contract I thought I would be a "new" customer. Turns out wrong. I got through to a salesperson on live chat who advised me that the only way to get the offer was to go to prepaid then back onto postpaid. This would apparently happen over 2 working days, one to get me across to "prepaid" then one day to get me back to postpaid - after i ordered the $30/15GB plan online. Well, that was LAST YEAR. All I have is a "temporary order number emailed back on the 30th after ordering on the 27th (Wed)

Contacted live chat but they could not help as they could not look up a temporary order number or help as I was a BUSINESS CUSTOMER, so advised me to call 1300 929 949

Called twice on the 2nd Jan, gave up after 45 min & 30 minutes

Called 3rd Jan, gave up after 94 minutes, no answer

Called 4th Jan, 75 minutes & 45 minutes, no answer

Called 5th Jan 65 minutes & still holding

So after being scammed by Mia Sphere live & still awaiting a refund and the above, i would like to cancel my order. 

How do i cancel my order without waiting any more than the 5 hours wasted already?

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