buyinga 2nd hand phone


Am loking at purcahsing a 2nd hand Galaxy S9,  How do I tell if it was purhased outright or on e contact that if they stop paying will block the phone or does this sort of thing not happen?


Re: buyinga 2nd hand phone


I think they block phones if you ask, because it was stolen by a genuine thief. Once a contract is signed, the singner is the owner of the phone, whether they subsequently pay or not.


But in any case, buy from a reputable ebay store.

Re: buyinga 2nd hand phone


Definitely an area to be careful. 


I recently delt with this mob on ebay. They sell refurbished. You select condition, colour & memory and get a price. 


I used the 14 day change of mind policy and it worked without issue (sent it back and got a refund). 


Seems stock dependent so currently just one combo, but presumably changes fairly fast.


Peter Gillespie

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