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bundle discount


hi, do you still offer the $10 bundle discount?


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Doesn't look like it, at least it's not advertised. You can always call/chat and ask if there is an offer for existing customers though

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Re: bundle discount


No I think it was canned and the post below suggests that as well.

Re: bundle discount


It might make a comeback, you never know Smiley Wink

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Re: bundle discount


Current bundle offers are found here:

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Re: bundle discount


Thank you Ray YC....I think that as you are an Optus staff member you need to answer the question....YES or NO and then reference your source. As a result your response is unclear as no answer given by respondents demonstrate certainty.


I have noticed that since I signed up for NBN in November 2018, Optus have taken away my $10 pm discount. I am not happy about this and therefore I will be taking this further. 

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